Located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Webpraxis Consulting specializes in meeting customer's World Wide Web needs. Our expertise covers, but is not limited too, HTML, XML and XSLT, Server Side Includes, Cascading Style Sheets, JavaScript, CGI, Perl, PHP, MySQL, MongoDB and Linux.

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Check out the following portfolio of favourite projects.

We implemented the design provided by aartvark Communications for Mammoth Productions Inc, a video production house. The salient feature is that different cascading style sheets are loaded depending on the user's screen resolution. Spanning resolutions from 800x600 to 1600x1200, these sheets change, for example, the font parameters for maintaining easy legibility of the text information.

We did the complete e-commerce implementation for Western Drug Distribution Center Ltd. With large annual sales, this co-op site services mostly veterinarians for all of Western Canada. We set up twin web servers, both Red Hat Linux boxes running Interchange. The Interchange code is enhanced with Javascript & Perl code in order to meet the customized requirements. We also configured an auxiliary server, running Fedora, to generate all the data tables, barcodes and thumbnail images required by the web servers.

We recently configured and coded a server to create HTML reports for their various suppliers.
Our Portal to the Online Railway Photos of Canadian Archives consists of over 28,000 XML files, documenting the holdings at 19 archives. The presentation is structured as a single multi-frame HTML page.

Check out our Software Corner where we present complete, annotated Perl scripts. For example, there's a mosaic program to filter an image into a mosaic of opaque tiles and generate the corresponding assembly instructions. You'll also find a photo puzzle script that dices an image and generates all the required HTML, JavaScript and CSS elements to play the resulting game.

And scripts for various tile animations (including the our "scrapbook" seen on the left), merging in parallel, photographic mosaics, a threaded Liebmann iteration method, ...

For "The Lake File" section of my wife's web site, we've written a PHP script to generate KML files to launch Google Earth "Fly-To's" to the various lakes documented.
    United Nations Online Volunteering
We do pro-bono work through the United Nations Online Volunteering Programme. We have assisted various NGOs with the development of their web sites. Our contribution has involved writing HTML, CSS, SSI and JavaScript code. In addition, we have written various Perl CGI scripts to interact with MySQL tables.

We designed and coded a web site for The Gazelle Trust in East Hendred, Wantage, Oxfordshire, UK.

We re-designed the site for the International Organization for Chemical Sciences in Development (IOCD) and continue to act as their webmaster.